Clothing production service

We produce samples, sew batches, manage the production
We create
We sew
We control
Idea, technical drawing, sample, patterns, grading
Batches production of clothes in time.
Notifications each stage. The minimum order is 30 pcs, re-order in time

At each stage of work receive the actual information by messages. If you have a question or need help - we are available 24/7
We solve any problem
in the production process
Pattern making
Developing patterns fast
Pattern digitization
Digitizing your patterns simple
Selection of materials
Searching for variants and select the best one for your design
Making grading quickly
10 years in the fashion business
Professional designers, pattern makers, technologists, as well as sewing factories for your brand
Why us?
Most customers make multiple orders
Siya Didenko
Team lead is Siya Didenko, a designer and manager who product 400+ clothing models for fashion brands
Projects: Andre Tan, Love&Live, Elenareva, Katarina Ivanenko, Have a Rest
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Mon-Fri 10:00 - 18:00 (GMT+3)
Support for current orders 24/7

Kyiv, Ukraine
03150, Malevich str. 86G
+380 67 200 26 42